Sunday, May 13, 2012

New Pioneer NEXUS models release date and product specifications.

The new PIONEER CDJ-2000 NEXUS/NXS and others (CDJ-900 NXS, DJM-2000 NXS) will not be released this month as stated before. Models will be released autumn this year or later.

New specifications of the CDJ-2000 NEXUS / NXS and CDJ-900 NEXUS / NXS will probably be:
- Wireless PRO DJ LINK modus which allows linking up to 4 CDJ's
- BEATSYNC function via PRO DJ LINK (wireless)
- FLAC support
- New features for the Needle Search

New specifications of the DJM-2000 NEXUS / NXS will probably be:
- Traktor Scratch Certified 24bit/96kHz (eventually 192 kHz) built-in interface
- Quantized FX
- New Pioneer RMX-1000 Build-up and Break-down FX

PLEASE NOTE: The release date change is confirmed. The specifications are pure speculations.


  1. See my new post. Please do not copy-paste in YouTube without my link. thx

  2. any news about the cdj 900 nexus ?

    1. Hi djtofman,

      The Pioneer CDJ-900 Nexus will not be released very soon, it will take some time. The Pioneer DJM-2000 NEXUS however is in the making.

      Greetz N.